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Why should I have a Full Listing?
To put you in front of Parents searching for Child Care online

Invest in a Full Listing and it could:

  • Generate for you on average £5,028 for one child under 2 years old who attends just 25 hours per week and stays with you for a year. (Data from the Daycare Trust Childcare Costs Survey 2011)

  • Fill your child spaces by converting browsing Parents into targeted visitors who will contact you and arrange a visit.
  • Drive targeted qualified traffic to your website consolidating the investment you have already made.
Nursery Advertising in Childcare Directory

What Do You Get?

You have a whole page dedicated to you and your setting with the page title as the name of your setting.

A large copy of your logo so if Parents have seen your logo before they will instantly recognise it and a photo of the outside of your building so Parents can see what your setting looks like.

Then all your contact details - full address, telephone number, web & email address and a link to Google maps so Parents can see exactly where you are.



Then moving down into the main content of the page this is where you can explain to Parents and show them how wonderful your setting is by having as much information as you can provide about each of the rooms.

You can have up to 12 photographs and pictures of inside your setting and the outside play area too so Parents can see what your setting is like before they even visit.

Don't forget Parents who visit this site are Parents who haven't sent their little one to nursery before, they don't know what provision is out there so they turn to the internet to find out.

These Parents are probably your most lucrative because they have a young baby and they have to go back to work and sometimes don't have a choice about sending their baby to nursery, so here is your chance to sell the benefits of them coming to your nursery and not going to another one somewhere else.


And we're not through yet, next all your contact details are displayed again. We repeat this saving Parents the bother of having to scroll back up to the top of the page to find your telephone number or email address or of course to link through to your website.

Under that are all your other details like your opening hours, the age range you cater for, your nearest school, the number of weeks you are open in the year and how many children you are registered for.

After that all your other facilities that you provide for Parents and finally a link to your Ofsted report so Parents have the option of reading it if they want to.

There are several directories out there but none of them provide as much information and details as we do!

Just think how much more this would attract parents looking for childcare than a free one liner.

Look at the number of visitors Little Stars Nursery has had - see the graph below

If you are just starting out setting up a day nursery or registering as a childminder this is a great way to get your new provision or service found by Parents looking for childcare. Or if you are an existing provision and you have spaces to fill, advertise in Childcare Directory. Sign up Now.

Benefits and Features of having a Full Listing

  • Our directory had over 21,600 unique visits last month - thats over a third of a million page hits. These are highly targeted visitors who are looking for childcare and contacting nurseries listed in our directory.

  • A dedicated static web page that search engines list (NOT a dynamic page) with a full description about your nursery and facilities giving Parents lots of information about your setting.

  • Email and website links to your own website (if you have one) so Parents can contact you directly and find your website easily. This incoming link is VERY valuable to your website ranking.

  • Parents see your full listing first because they are featured right at the top of the page above all the one liners. (Full listings are placed on a first come first served basis)

  • Your Full Listing links to a whole web page dedicated entirely to your Nursery. It is in effect a 'mini website' of your own! This is great if you don't have a website already and great if you do* because search engines like Google will rank your site higher with an incoming link from Childcare Directory.

  • Your Full Listing allows you to have your nursery logo and up to 12 photographs of your setting so Parents can see the wonderful facilities you provide. Why would they want to go anywhere else?

  • You can even advertise your Nursery job vacancies at no extra cost - It's Free - saving on advertising costs.

  • At the end of the year we will send you a graph showing your adverts performance on how many people have viewed your listing (see graph above for example).

Your Full Listing is actually 'free'

Spend £85 and receive £3,969.60 in return

All you need is one child to come to you for 25 / 30 hours for one week and that will have paid for your listing for the whole year. If that child then stays with you for
25 hours a week for 48 weeks that would bring in just under £4,000 for an under 2.
(According to figures taken from the Daycare Trust Childcare Costs Survey 2011)

So let us help you fill your child spaces

Sign up for a Full Listing Now


This table shows the average fees for a child attending either a Nursery
or Childminder for 50 hrs a week.
England Regional Weekly Average

Nursery (under 2s)


Childminder (Under 2s)


( Extract from the Daycare Trust Childcare Costs Survey 2011)

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A Full Listing for Full Daycare costs just £85, for a Term Time Only Provision and Out of School Club £55 and a Childminder only £35 for the whole year.

This is a fraction of the price of some directories and is actually free if your website is hosted by Oyster Web Design (See our Nursery Web Site Design service). It puts your setting in front of the parents who are searching for places and will always make a good first impression.

Our Money Back Guarantee to you

If you don't believe your listing has worked for you after your first year simply write to us and we will refund your listing fee
in full - no quibbles - just a cheque by return

Click on the link below to get your Full listing.

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If you already have a website, consolidate the investment you have already made by having a Full Listing and an incoming link to your website from Childcare Directory. This will not only bring many more potential clients to your site, but also help enormously to improve the search engine ranking of your web site. Search engines place a great deal of value to an incoming link from a high ranking site in the same sector. This alone is worth ten times the full listing fee and will help make your site much much easier to find.

Fill your vacancies by advertising your childcare provision in Childcare Directory
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